Danakil the “bowel of the earth

The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is one of hottest places on the planet and one of the most alien places on Earth. Although these places offer scorching sun and unfriendly environment, they are by no means worth visiting.

Volcanoes and earthquakes rip apart the ground in front of your very eyes.  As a continually erupting volcano it casts a spectacular image across the sky. Looking like a scene of biblical destruction one of its pits known as the ‘gateway to hell’

Though it looks like an extraterrestrial scene, this landscape belongs to the Danakil Depression, it contains a wealth of geological features that look straight out of a sci-fi movie – active volcanoes steaming sulphur salt flats and strange rock formations with average temperatures amounting to 35 degrees Celsius..  For most of the year, there is virtually no rain.  The Depression is also one of the lowest points on the planet, reaching 125 m below sea level.

Most of the inhabitants are salt diggers. They chop salt from the earth under a blistering sun, then load the minerals on to camels and donkeys which march for days to market towns to the west where the mineral is sold